Tuesday, 20 November 2018

Zero-waste dress

How do highly creative people continue to innovate and 
express themselves in new ways?
They’ll tell you the key to their success 
is a commitment to trying new things.
So I tried something new
by making a dress out of recycled materials.

What you need:
Plastic bags(colours of your choice), 
plastic carpet underlay, 
something to attach the garment with.
A pattern for the dress.

Cut little squares out of the plastic bags.

Make little flowers out of the squares and tie them with cellotape.

Cut out a pattern for the dress.  
Attach the flowers in your preferred pattern to the underlay 
before you attach the front and the back. 
(It is very hard to do once the garment is attached, I found out the hard way)

My mom was the inspiration for this dress. 
She loved flowers, colours and pretty little things, and she never backed away from making things from 
previously loved or recycled materials.  We may not have won first prize, but we gave it our best shot!!!